Frustrated Writer!

After 2 years of nothing not to write, I am trying again. However, I felt so frustrated every time I faced my laptop and tried to write. I am no longer inspired! Words and ideas seem to be my greatest enemy. I don’t know what to do. Can bloggers and writers help me out?


An Interview with an Artist


While everyone is working so hard and stressing their selves to make money,  there he is sitting on his table with his colors, paint, sketch pad and canvass.

I was born in the world where everybody is busy talking abut future and good fortune, where everybody is rushing through the train and making a good business. When I was about to go to college, my grandfather told me:

“Grow up young lady! Stop dancing and start living. Go get a degree and make a good fortune.”

I was shocked by his words. Start living? Haven’t I lived my life for so many years?

But then, I realized that maybe he is right. I haven’t done many things at all except from enjoying my life through music. Maybe, I haven’t done things which grown ups do — make a living, plan a good future and think of a good fortune.

From then on, I focus myself on my studies. I read tons of books, composed tons of write-ups and listened to tons of discussions. The idea of me becoming a future educator was good. I started imagining myself wearing corporate attire, holding English books and teaching the students.

But, that was it. After two years in college, I lost my interest. I missed the feeling of being stress free from anything. Yes! My family sent me to school even before. But, the feeling of being free and happy were lost. I was confused and asked myself: Is this what it feels to be a grown up? Always stress and rushing for your appointments?

I didn’t get it! Not until, I met an artist named Mr. Alexander Quizon.

He was just a simple man with a simple living. Making good fortune? He’s not. He’s different from any other man. He is just there sitting on his table with his colors, paints, sketch pad and canvass.

When I asked him about his job, he just told me:

“A job? I don’t have one. What I have is a hobby. Painting.”

“How can your hobby helped you for living?” I asked.

“Living or making money? It’s a different thing. When you are enjoying the gift of God, that’s living because you are enjoying LIFE. When you are trying to rush on the train to make on your appointments or when you are stressed because of your job, that’s making money,”he answered.

I was surprised by his words. I never thought of it before, but he is right. I asked him why he didn’t try to find a job and make some good business like other grown ups do.

“You know what, I was one of them before. I tried to find a job and make a good fortune. But, at the end of the day, I felt nothing but stressing myself out from the things that I really don’t love. Until I decided: what if I go with the painting. That’s what I love to do even before. So, I did. It doesn’t make a real good shot in a business world. But you know what? It gives me a satisfaction that no one out there, who is looking for a good fortune and a good business, could ever have because of the contentment that I always feel with this kind of living,” he answered with sincerity and purity of a contented heart.

His words amazed me. And he is so right. His words made me realized that the coolest thing to do in Earth is to do what you love to do. Everything that comes from our heart are the best thing to do because it will never stress us out. NEVER because those things are God-given gift to us. We just need to learn how to be satisfied and contented. In my case, I will never stop from what I really love to do. That is – LOVING MUSIC and DANCING ALONG WITH IT.