Rocky Road of Friendship


How funny is this old photograph as I reminisce the day I first saw him.

First Stop:

I was knew at the school like every other freshmen students. I often hang-out with the girls. And him? I really don’t know where he is at those time because he is NOT a good-looking guy that you can have a crush on forever (peace man. v). I don’t bother making friends with others because I am not running for Ms. Friendship and I am NOT a friendly type of person!

The Encounter:

After several days of spending our time in school, I still having problem in recognizing the names of my classmates. (Indeed! I am not good at memorization! So what? Do you have any problem with that?!) Well, as I was saying I’m having problem in recognizing the names of my not so good-looking classmates (I’m just kidding! 🙂 ). But, he is just annoying in a positive way that he made a lot of friends. But, he didn’t make friends with me. He was intimidated by my beauty, I guess? Maybe yes, because someone said that he is a gay and told me that his name is LEO CATALINO. And I said “OKAY, Should I care?”

Next Stop: 

Sophomore years came. Everything was almost great and pleasing until we recognized that he wasn’t there. Nobody knows where he was. Most of us thought that he was just enjoying the last minute of vacation. But days, weeks, months had passed but no Leo was seen. He missed the whole semester and the whole class missed him even I.

Bump Cars:

Juniors were in our way when we saw him at the administration building lining up with some students for the semester. Everybody was great to see him. WE are great to see him back with his school uniform. After few days, I surprisingly encouraged him to be part of school paper org. I saw a young man with full potential of being an artist. He has a great hand that you can count on on paintings and illustrations. Our editors screen every applicants including him. I had a great faith on him that he can pass the screening test and he did! From then on, we treated each others as friends. No! I treated him like my brother. I never thought that I will be given a privilege to know a person like him- so jolly, so bliss. Now I know the answer to my own question: “OKAY, Should I care?”. Yes. I care for a person named Leo Catalino.

End of the Road:

I had a fun time with him. I couldn’t even recall the exact scenario nor the exact day that we became close friends. But, one thing is for sure; I wouldn’t forget a named Leo who became my friend. Though graduation day is near for every senior college, our friendship will just continue to be enjoyed by the both parties – by the bitch (me) and by the annoying (him)…. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Rocky Road of Friendship

  1. I’ve Read this twice and I should say that You’re a Liar especially with these lines, “He was intimidated by my beauty, ( pertaining to you ) ” , “because he is NOT a good-
    looking guy that you can have a
    crush on forever” ( pertaining to myrelf ) ! Haha kaloka ka! Yung totoo? Inapi mo talaga ako dito eh haha!
    But In General, I was really So happy that There are still People like you who appreciate and Understand me for who and what I really am. I’m really happy with our Friendship and how we became Friends. I actually don’t understand why we do became Friends when The first time I met you, I really didn’t like you and At times I get irritated with you and the way you Act in the class. I guess, I felt that you’re too much or maybe I got that feeling you’re higher than me? Anyways, I hope our friendship wont die as early as it was formed because I treasure you and you are nice to me:)

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