A letter of an ex-lover

Dear Ex,

Why do you keep on bothering me? Yes! You’ve been bothering me. Well, I am over you. I junk you remember? Yes! I did that to you! Why wouldn’t I do that? You weren’t  there when I needed you the most. You weren’t there when I wanted to talk about us. You weren’t there! Every time I see those lovely couples holding their hands and smiling, I couldn’t do anything but to be jealous and asked: why do you have to be there and me here? Why do you have to be away from me? Why do I have to suffer from the pain of a long distance relationship? Why?!

That’s why I broke up with you.

So, pathetic! I’m pathetic. I am over you, about many years ago?  months ago? I can’t remember. But, I am over you. Yeah! I thought I was… but I guess I’m not. Seeing you again after so long and seeing you happy made me remember the man I once loved.

I miss you so badly.

I was too immature. I was too selfish. I was too childish. And now, I have to suffer from my own mistake – mistake of giving up on you that easily. I wish second chance would come across our lives and start all over again. But, that’s too impossible now. Because you are happy now… without me.

This isn’t easy. I could still remember the day I learn about you loving me. You didn’t confess because you were worried about the friendship that we had. You waited for me for almost a year till I am ready to be your girl. I say ‘yes’ to you because I already love you just before I knew you love me too.

What I did to you is my greatest nightmare. I guess I just have to start moving on again so that I could finally let you go.

Still loving you,

Your ex


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